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Medical Arts Surgical Group offers comprehensive surgical services for various breast conditions. Our expert team of surgeons is highly experienced in diagnosing and treating breast-related issues, including breast cancer, benign tumors, and cysts. With state-of-the-art facilities and cutting-edge technology, we provide personalized care and innovative surgical solutions to ensure the best possible outcomes for our patients' breast health.

Breast Conditions

What are the Breast Conditions?
Common breast conditions include painful breasts, mastitis (inflammation of the breast), cysts, benign lumps, and cancer. A benign breast condition refers to a lump, cyst, or nipple discharge (fluid) of the female or male breast that is not typically cancerous. Lumps may be fibrocystic breast changes including fibrosis (that feels like scar tissue and can be rubbery and firm), or cysts (sacs filled with fluid), or firm (malignant).
breast conditions
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Medical treatment of most non-cancerous conditions is with medications (antibiotics) and or minor surgical procedures. However, treatment for breast cancer involves a wide range of options. Our team of professional and specially-trained surgeons handles all types of breast surgery procedures, breast cancer surgeries, and breast reconstruction concerns. A mastectomy or lumpectomy or an open breast biopsy can be done to remove abnormal breast tissues if necessary.
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Our team at MASG provides the most advanced breast surgery techniques. Our specialty involves robotic-assisted breast surgery and breast reconstruction which maximizes cancer treatment and improves reconstruction options. While good outcomes and cosmetic results are still possible with a traditional surgery, the smaller incision used in the robotic approach helps alleviate patient concerns regarding scarring, symmetry, and recovery.
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By using the robot-assisted approach, there is typically less pain and quicker recovery for the patient. It also lowers the risk of complications like infected wounds which leads to shorter hospital stays Let us help you!
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