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The gallbladder is a small pear-shaped organ located under the liver. The gallbladder stores and concentrates bile, which is a fluid produced in the liver. Bile is stored within the gallbladder before it is released later to aid in digestion. This fluid helps digest the fat contained in food as it passes through the small intestine.Gallbladder disorders include inflammation, infection, stones or blockage of the gallbladder. Let the team at the Medical Arts Surgical Center help you manage and treat your gallbladder disorders.

Gallbladder Conditions

What are Gallbladder Conditions?
Gallbladder problems occur when bile gets trapped in your gallbladder. Normally bile drains out of your gallbladder and into your small intestine. However, if the bile becomes blocked (usually because of gallstones), it builds up in your gallbladder, causing inflammation and infection. Gallstones form when bile stored in the gallbladder hardens into stone-like material. Too much cholesterol, bile salts, or bilirubin (bile pigment) can cause gallstones. Treatment can range from antibiotic therapy to surgery.
gallbladder conditions
gallbladder open surgery
Gallbladder pain occurs in the upper right abdomen or the center of your stomach. It is important to seek help as gall bladder symptoms may imitate symptoms of other serious conditions like appendicitis or pancreatitis. If medical treatment doesn’t resolve the condition, the gallbladder must be removed (cholecystectomy). Historically, the gallbladder was removed through a large incision in the abdomen. This type of procedure was considered major surgery with extended hospital stays.
gallbladder robot surgery
Here at the Medical Arts Surgical Group, we specialize in robotic gallbladder surgery. Currently, robotic gallbladder surgery is performed through the insertion of a small video camera into an incision inside the abdomen. Small surgical tools are passed through four tiny incisions for a magnified 3D look inside the abdomen to take out the gallbladder.

Let Us Help You Resolve Your Gallbladder Disorder
People prefer robotic gallbladder surgery over traditional surgery. Robotic surgery results in less pain post-surgery, fewer complications like infected wounds, shorter hospital stays, reduced recovery times, and a faster return to work and regular activities.
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