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Hernias are defects within the groin or abdominal walls that cause the abdomen’s contents to push out through these defects. Hernias are commonly situated at the groin and umbilicus because these areas in the abdominal wall feature congenital weakness. A hernia does not heal by itself as it needs hernia surgery for repair. Our team at the Medical Arts Surgical Center can provide you with an individualized plan to manage and treat your hernia.

Hernia Conditions

What are the Different Types of Hernia
The most common type of hernia is an abdominal hernia where fatty tissue protrudes through a hole in the stomach wall, causing a bulge under the skin. The different types include umbilical hernias, hiatal hernias, inguinal hernias, and ventral hernias. They may also form at the site of an incision from previous abdominal surgery. Hernia surgery can vary in complexity depending on the size and position of the bulge. Surgical repair is the only long-term solution to treating a hernia completely.
hernia conditions
open hernia repair
A hernia causes pain and can lead to more complicated strangulation of the intestines that affect bowel movement and needs immediate surgery. Hernia surgery is done to push back the protruding tissue and repair the hole. A hernia does not heal by itself and needs surgical treatment, an operation consisting of a mesh reinforcement to strengthen the abdominal wall. In open hernia repairs, an incision is made over the hernia, and the hole is repaired with sutures.
hernia robot surgery
The team at the Medical Arts Surgical Center utilizes robot-assisted surgery to treat all types of abdominal problems. This is a newer alternative to open surgery that uses surgical mesh. During robotic laparoscopic surgery, the hernia surgeon sits at a console inside the operating room to manipulate the tiny surgical instruments to do the repair. A robotic hernia specialist uses a robotic arm with a camera to perform the surgery. This method comes with several advantages for the patient, including less tissue damage, which translates into faster healing time. This procedure is essential for reducing pain after the operation and aids in faster recovery by using small incisions.
We Can Reduce Your Hernia
In comparison to open hernia repair, robotic hernia surgery results in less pain post-surgery, fewer complications like infected wounds, shorter hospital stays, reduced recovery times, and a faster return to work and regular activities.
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