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Surgical Procedures
When surgical needs arise, you deserve to be comfortable with your surgical team.
Surgical Procedures
Medical Arts Surgery Group in Meridian MS (MASG) is a group of surgeons with a strong commitment to deliver full surgical services and care to the people of Meridian. To deliver the best services, MASG employs a team of licensed, well-trained, and expert surgeons who provide comprehensive and advanced surgical options, including:
Breast Surgery
Endocrine Surgery
Gallbladder Surgery
Colon and rectal surgery
hiatal hernia and reflux surgery
gastric sleeve surgery
Gastroparesis surgery
Inguinal hernia surgery
Ventral hernia Surgery
General Surgery
Laparoscopic Surgery
robotic surgery
Trauma and Emergency Surgery
breast surgery cover
Medical Arts Surgical Group (MASG) is a reputable health institution in Meridian. We provide the most advanced breast surgery procedures. Our team of professional and specially-trained surgeons handles all types of breast surgery procedures, breast cancer surgeries, and breast reconstruction concerns. We also educate our patients regarding their conditions and the available options to consider that will help them handle the essential aspects of their preferred care.
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Endocrine SURGERY
The surgeons at Medical Arts Surgical Group (MASG) offers expert care for patients who have thyroid nodules, thyroid cancer, parathyroid problems, or adrenal gland problems. MASG is not like other endocrine surgery clinics. The surgeons at Medical Arts Surgical Group can offer laboratory workup, ultrasound, biopsy, and even discuss medical management options. When surgery is necessary, our patients can rest assured that they are in the most experienced and caring hands.
gallbladder surgery coverr
Gallbladder SURGERY
Gallbladder surgery is the most common surgical procedure performed by the surgeons at the Medical Arts Surgical Group. Almost all gallbladder surgeries are performed with minimally invasive techniques, either with laparoscopic or robotic-assisted surgery. Our outcomes are second to none, and the minimally invasive technique we use to address gallbladder problems will get you back to your old life more quickly.
colo and rectal surgery cover.jpg
Colon and Rectal SURGERY
The surgeons at Medical Arts Surgical Group have a particular interest and expertise in diseases of the colon and rectum. Multidisciplinary team approaches that have been led by our surgeons help our patients receive the care they need on an individual basis. In addition, our utilization of pre-operative education, minimally invasive surgical techniques, and enhanced recovery after surgery (ERAS) protocols will help you recover more quickly from your surgery.
hiatal hernia and reflux surgery cover.jpg
Our surgeons specialize in surgery of the foregut, which refers to the upper portion of the intestinal tracts. One of the most common foregut procedures done by our surgeons involves the treatment of hiatal hernia and acid reflux. We utilize robot-assisted surgical techniques to repair hiatal hernias and address acid reflux when they become problematic for patients.

If you have been on medical therapy but are still experiencing acid reflux, have developed a narrowing in your esophagus that requires frequent dilation, have developed pre-cancerous changes due to the acid burning of the esophagus, or would like to know an alternative to life-long medical therapy, schedule an appointment with one of our surgeons today!
general surgery cover.jpg
Dr. Daniel Denison has helped patients in the East Mississippi area lose over 2,000 pounds since launching a weight loss program here in Meridian. Working closely with the Meridian Weight Management Center, Dr. Denison has put together a team of providers, nurses, and educators to help patients achieve their weight loss goals. Not all patients require surgery, but the leadership and resources that the surgeon provides are a critical part of this program. If you are interested in weight loss, call today to take the first steps toward a new, healthier you.
inguinal hernia surgery cover.jpg
Dr. Denison is one of only two surgeons in the state of Mississippi to offer a surgical treatment option for patients who suffer from gastroparesis. Dr. Denison is able to perform this operation using robot-assisted surgery, minimizing pain and improving recovery time. We have been very encouraged with the results that patients have seen with surgical options when they are needed. Dr. Denison works closely with gastroenterologists to come up with a comprehensive treatment plan for his patients in order to ensure the best outcomes.
general surgery cover.jpg
Inguinal hernias are a very common type of hernia. Patients can experience pain and bulge from the hernia, and some benefit from the repair of the hernia. The surgeons at Medical Arts Surgical Group specialize in both open and robot-assisted inguinal hernia surgery. Because of our expertise in both types of hernia repair, we can discuss treatment options with patients and come up with a treatment plan that is safest and most effective for each patient. If you think you may have an inguinal hernia, schedule your consultation today to speak with one of our surgeons about the best treatment plan for you.
ventral hernia surgery cover.jpg
Ventral hernias can occur anywhere on the abdomen. These can include umbilical (belly button) hernias, incisional (at a prior incision) hernias, epigastric (upper abdominal) hernias, and supra-pubic (above the pubic bone) hernias. Symptoms can include bulging or pain in these areas. The surgeons at Medical Arts Surgical Group offer expert consultation and operative repair of these hernias. Our surgeons specialize in both open and robot-assisted repair of these hernias. If you have symptoms of an abdominal hernia, call to schedule an appointment with one of our surgeons today.
general surgery cover.jpg
Medical Arts Surgical Group (MASG) is a group of surgeons that perform a wide range of general surgery procedures. We are trained to perform operations but are also well trained in the medical management of many surgical problems. We take pride in our ability to work together to serve the public, coming up with treatment plans that are tailored to each individual patient. Medical Arts Surgery Group is committed to providing our patients with the best general surgery services, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.
laparoscopic surgery cover.jpg
Laparoscopic Surgery
Medical Arts Surgical Group (MASG) is the leading laparoscopic and minimally invasive surgery group here in Meridian. We have a team of the best minimally invasive surgeons in the region. Also, we provide the most comprehensive laparoscopic surgery procedures in the area. We have seen the benefit that laparoscopic surgery can provide for patients, including less pain and faster recovery, and strive to continue to pursue new ways to bring minimally invasive surgical techniques to each patient’s bedside.
robotic surgery cover.jpg
Robotic Surgery
Robotic surgery is the latest technological breakthrough in the field of general surgery. Our surgeons have developed a robotic surgery institute and helped to form a team of nurses, surgical technologist, and anesthesia providers that specialize in the delivery of quality robotic surgery for our patients. We monitor our outcomes closely and are always looking for ways to improve our patient's experience and outcomes.

Robotic surgery allows our surgeons to offer a minimally invasive surgical option to nearly all of our patients who require abdominal surgery. The precision, control and dexterity of robotic technology translate to a safer, smoother operation with better recovery, including less pain and earlier return to normal activity. In addition, complication rates are lower with the implementation of this technology.

If you or your loved ones are facing possible abdominal surgery, make an appointment to come and see one of our expert robotic surgeons and get the care that you deserve.
trauma and emergency surgery cover.jpg
Trauma and Emergency Surgery
Robotic surgery is available for emergency surgery in addition to elective (planned) surgery. Some of the emergency procedures that can be performed using robotic surgery include repair of intestinal perforation, emergency colon surgery, repair of diaphragm injuries, repair of incarcerated and strangulated hernias, and emergency gallbladder surgery. The same benefits of smaller incisions and faster recovery are available for these patients, even in emergency situations.
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