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Medical Arts Surgical Group (MASG) is a leading laparoscopic surgery center in Meridian. We have a team of the best laparoscopic surgeons. Also, the surgeons at MASG provide the most comprehensive laparoscopic surgical procedures in the area.

Laparoscopic Surgery

what is laparoscopic surgery
Laparoscopic surgery is one type of minimally invasive surgery. The procedure uses a laparoscope, which is a tool equipped with a small video camera and a light on one end. Surgeons normally create small cuts in the patient’s body and insert the laparoscope. The images captured by the camera inside the body are passed on to a display. Through this, the surgeon can determine what’s happening inside the patient’s body. Also, this helps surgeons conduct operations inside without the need to create large cuts. The surgical community considers laparoscopic surgery as a significant breakthrough. This minimally invasive surgical method offers many benefits to patients with no additional risks. Some of the most significant benefits include the following:
laparoscopic surgery main
Smaller Scars
Smaller scars have both a cosmetic benefit and a reduction in the rate of hernia after surgery. In addition, the rate of infection of the wounds after surgery is lower with smaller incisions. In some cases, the scars are so small that it is difficult to tell that a patient ever had surgery. The surgeons at MASG recognize this benefit and apply it to patients whenever possible.
Faster Recovery
Smaller incisions lead to faster recovery. After laparoscopic surgery, patients are able to get back to their regular activities more quickly, and the rate of complications after surgery is much lower with laparoscopic surgery.
Decreased Pain
Smaller incisions also lead to less pain after surgery. This is a very exciting benefit for the surgeons and the patients.
Lesser Chances of Infection
Smaller incisions and less invasive techniques lead to decreased rates of infection.
Lesser Blood Loss
Smaller incisions and improved visualization lead to less blood loss with laparoscopic surgery.
Laparoscopic Surgery Procedures
Some surgeons are not comfortable offering minimally invasive surgery in all situations. The surgeons at Medical Arts Surgical Group are leading the way in delivering these minimally invasive techniques to patients. This results in significantly improved recovery after surgery. The importance of selecting a surgeon that can provide this care to you and your loved ones cannot be overstated. Some of the procedures that are performed with the minimally invasive technique of laparoscopic surgery include the following:
Gallbladder Surgery
Gallbladder surgery involves the removal of the gallbladder and gallstones inside a person’s body. The gallbladder surgeon does this by making a few (small) cuts on the patient’s abdomen and inflates it using carbon dioxide to obtain a clearer view of the area. The procedure normally uses general anesthesia and usually lasts for about 30 minutes or less.
Appendectomy utilizes the laparoscopic surgery procedure. Appendectomy involves the removal of the vermiform appendix. The surgery serves as the treatment for appendicitis. Surgeons usually utilize laparoscopic surgery to perform this procedure.
Intestinal Surgery
Intestinal surgery is a common surgical procedure that can be performed with laparoscopic surgery. Laparoscopy helps surgeons perform intestinal surgeries with the utmost ease and avoid the inconvenience that they encounter when using the open surgery method.
The Best Laparoscopic Surgery Center In Meridian
Transform your health with minimally invasive laparoscopic surgery. Say goodbye to lengthy recovery times and hello to a quicker, more comfortable healing experience. Our expert surgeons use the latest techniques and technology to provide you with the best care possible.

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