Trauma and

Emergency Robotic surgery

Life is unpredictable. Our bodies are fearfully and wonderfully made, but they are also very fragile. When medical emergencies occur, prompt workup and treatment can improve outcomes, and eliminate added pain and suffering. Some of the emergency medical problems that patients face require surgical attention. At Medical Arts Surgical Group, we provide around the clock coverage for emergency general surgery and trauma for our patients. We are able to respond at a moment’s notice to provide quick, effective care that reduces delay and improves outcomes.

emergency robotic surgery

Emergency robotic surgery and trauma care

 require leadership and forethought. We partner with local emergency responders, hospital staff and administration, and other providers to coordinate and deliver an effective and efficient plan for patients. When trauma and other emergencies occur, time is of the essence. Through our partnerships with these different leaders in the community, we maintain a constant state of readiness that will eliminate delays in care and prevent unnecessary complications or suboptimal outcomes for patients. We are also constantly reviewing our care and even subjecting it to examination at state and national levels to look for any opportunities to improve.

Our surgeons have a history of leadership in the regional, state, and national arena that we continue to pursue today. We feel a responsibility and honor to be part of the continued improvement and delivery of medical systems of care for our patients.

Some of the conditions treated by our surgeons include:

Trauma Surgery Center In Meridian, MS

Many of the procedures that are performed in these situations are also done through elective surgery and are discussed elsewhere. You can rest assured when you find yourself in need of emergency general surgery or trauma services from the surgeons at Medical Arts Surgical Group and the first responders in our area. The foundational work has been done, and the work continues around the clock now, to ensure that help will be there when you or your loved ones need it.