General Surgery


general surgeon

 is equipped with the training necessary to successfully treat a wide range of conditions.  As compared with sub-specialist surgeons, general surgeons are trained more broadly. Because of this training, we are able to help patients in a lot of different ways, even if we are not the ones actually performing an operation on that patient.  We can help stabilize, treat, and refer patients when needed to these sub-specialists. The surgeons at Medical Arts Surgical Group have received training at world-renowned hospitals, and consider it an honor to bring big city medicine here to East Mississippi and West Alabama.

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Over time, more and more specialization has occurred even within the field of general surgery, but the general surgeons here at Medical Arts Surgical group are well trained and provide top notch care and outcomes in the fields of minimally invasive surgery, endocrine surgery, breast surgery, gastrointestinal surgery, surgical oncology, colon and rectal surgery, gastric sleeve surgery, trauma surgery, and vascular surgery.

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