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What is Venous Surgery?

Venous surgery is a broad term that surgeons use to refer to individual venous treatments. These treatments involve a diverse set of processes when performed by surgeons and usually handled individually. Technically, venous surgery the treatment for the following.

Varicose Veins

Varicose veins are enlarged and twisted veins usually found on the legs. Studies revealed that any vein in the body might become varicose. However, those that are on the legs are more prone since continuous walking, and standing increases the pressure on the veins. Thus, they gradually increase in size and get twisted.

Although varicose veins were first regarded merely as a cosmetic issue, it was eventually found out that it might cause various health complications over time. Thus, varicose veins surgery eventually became popular.

Spider Veins

Spider veins are the small and damaged veins seen on the legs or face. These veins not painful as well as harmful. However, most of those who have these are seeking the best treatment due to cosmetic reasons. Most of the patients with spider veins usually opt to undergo the applicable surgery. They do this to have the purple, red, or blue veins that appear in thin lines, branches of webs removed.

DVT Management

DVT Management is the procedure that is being used to treat deep vein thrombosis (DVT) or a blood clot in the veins usually found on the leg or thigh. DVT management is very important since it allows the treatment of the blood clot to prevent it from breaking and reach the lungs. This requires immediate prevention since failure to do so might cause lung problems. Currently, DVT management has become a common procedure among most surgical centers anywhere.

Venous Ulcers

Venous ulcer is a condition characterized by sores on the legs that do not heal quickly. The condition is commonly due to the relatively weaker circulation of blood in a limb. Venous ulcers require immediate treatment because, when taken for granted, it could lead to more serious health problems.

Although venous ulcers can be prevented, many of those who have these usually resort to applicable surgery, for this is considered as the most effective treatment to date.

Venous Reflux

Venous reflux is a disease known as venous insufficiency. The reflux is a medical condition that affects the blood circulation in a person’s lower extremities. This happens when the tiny valves that are responsible for forcing the blood back to the heart are not functioning well. Thus, the condition causes the blood in the legs to pool up. The reflux eventually makes the veins in the legs to become distended.

Venous reflux is usually treated by wearing compression stockings or by taking medications. However, in more serious cases, surgery serves as the most effective option. Presently, venous reflux surgery is done using any of the following procedures.

    • Surgical veins and valve repairs
    • Damaged vein extraction
    • Endoscopic surgery
    • Laser surgery
    • Vein Bypass
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About Medical Arts Surgical Group

When medical needs arise, you deserve to be comfortable with where your surgery will be performed and be confident that your surgeon has proven experience & up-to-date skills with the current advancements in medicine. Sadly, many small towns don’t have enough access to leading medical services.

However, the small town of Meridian, Mississippi, is home to the Medical Arts Surgical Group, an independent surgical center with highly skilled surgeons & advanced medical facilities where patients can seek care for a wide range of medical services. Residents can now have access to professional care right in their background.

To guarantee that the patients are getting the best treatment with the help of the best surgical equipment, MASG’s personnel regularly checks these tools and implement the appropriate repairs when needed. On top of that, MASG’s personnel are trained to operate the group’s medical and surgical tools. Thus, every patient can expect that they are getting the best from what MASG has to offer.